How Pheromones Will Improve Your Life

Keep in mind that these pheromone stories are snapshots of relationships that were complex, and even messy, with men who were not perfect, as no man – or woman – is. They were men with all the flaws of regular, mortal men.

But each was extraordinary in one particular way: he gave me a nugget of wisdom and a piece of myself I was able to carry forward in my heart. My desire is for you to know these aspects within yourself, both those you engage readily and those that are strangers to you, so you can play in a bigger field of masculinity. It’s kind of like being able to play pitcher, catcher, first baseman, and shortstop all within the scope of a game. That “game,” if you will, is your dance with women. Most guys just have a single position about pheromones.

You will have the opportunity to intimately know aspects of pheromone attraction you may have sensed only in passing or believed were reserved for other men. It’s within this bigger scope that you’ll be able to create and attract more of what you desire in your relationships with women, and be more of who you desire to be as a man.

Each pheromone user possesses a special power. You will learn how to activate that power within you. Each Masculine Archetype uncovers a piece of the riddle of being a man, and loving women, which gives him strength and ease. Each brings a gift to women and to the world that you may feel inspired to embrace.

I suggest you explore all the types of pheromones and notice where you see yourself and where you might have an absence of that archetype in your life. Then intuitively choose an archetype you’d like to know better. Perhaps it’s one your woman would desire in you. Do the practices for that type that week and the next. Watch closely what you experience. Observe how your woman responds to you – and how all the women in your life do. Then, when that archetype feels natural and pleasurable to play in, take on another.

The attitude you bring to the material matters a lot. I don’t suggest you engage it casually or put too much emphasis on results. This is a process, not a destination. Be with the process; invite your awareness. This means tuning in to a more subtle space, slowing down, noticing. I suggest you think of these practices and this information as a sacred gift – to yourself and the women in your life. Trust me: It’s a gift that will continue to give and increase in value with your ongoing practice, awareness, and commitment. Learn about powerful pheromones for men to attract women

I didn’t always love men, nor did I have an interest in their empowerment. I started out like every other girl, loving and trusting the men in my life but had a caregiver rob me of my sexual innocence and choice. I would spend the next eighteen years in a variety of unhealthy states, trying to unravel the shame and the pain. My precociousness led to heartbreak time and again. I was also angry that nobody had protected me, and that men could be so unloving and hurtful.

The Seven Types of Pheromones and How They’ll Improve Your Life

There are seven pheromone types to which women everywhere have always been drawn. In one way or another, women find these aspects of masculinity irresistible as you might be drawn to the female archetypes of The Seductress, The Mother, or The Waif. You’ll discover yourself most prominently in one or two of the Masculine Types – and smaller pieces of yourself likely throughout the others.

The pheromone archetypes are not intended to be the summation of a perfect man. Please don’t waste your time feeling bad or regretting anything you didn’t know in the past. Everything you’ve experienced until this point has brought you here, now. If you fall victim to regret, it will simply get in the way of a powerful opportunity to embrace yourself and experience greater success in relationships with women.

At the start of each chapter, you’ll read a personal story of how I came to know that archetype, intimately, in love. These pheromone stories are based on real events and people. However, in order to protect the privacy of men who are featured, I’ve had to change their names, professions, and anything else I felt would identify them. You can trust that the essence of what I share with you in these stories is real. These are the intimate experiences that have shaped me as a woman and given me the inspiration to create this teaching.