Natural Human Pheromones

You want to cultivate this as a standard aspect of your personality and let it become natural for your pheromones. This is NOT to say that you – for some reason – need to continue this on to such an overwhelming degree if you have entered into a long term relationship or even if you’re in a consistent sexual relationship in a friends-with-benefits situation, but you still have to keep on guard.

Being confident, and aloof with your responses asserts that you have your own life and that you don’t NEED to impress the girl you’re with (or are trying to get with) and this makes you more valuable in her eyes – it makes her desire you more and it separates you from other men. Learn about Liquid Trust & Oxytocin pheromones.

One of your most standard run-of-the- mill tests is: “I bet you say that to all the girls.” Meeting this with silence demonstrates social incompetency because they lack human pheromone attraction (in this case). In this situation, you want to uses a tactic called “amplification”. For example, “Sure, but usually I forget their faces” and she could follow up with something like, “So – you’re saying you won’t forget mine?” (this is another validator) and you can reply with another agree-and-amplify technique such as, “Not if you give me a reason not to.” Notice how she challenged you and you met her challenge with your own pheromone production. Rather than trying to “logically reason” and saying something like, “No I don’t say that to all the girls – just you” or standing silent without pheromones. Learn about Chikara pheromones.

I love using pheromones knowing what to say, you simply agree with her and amplify it by throwing it back as another challenge. There is no right or wrong way to reply to a verbal test such as this other than to do it quickly, calmly, and confidently according to your personality. For example, some people may prefer to flip it back onto them, “Yeah and I bet that’s what you say to all the guys – can’t just take a compliment?

I see.” Let’s take a look at a few other examples. Let’s say your name is Bob (for the sake of example). Let’s say a girl – in a group of friend’s type of environment – says, “Oh hey! I bet Bob is one of those player guys – you can tell just by looking at him!” On the surface this sounds negative or like a complaint, but it actually isn’t. It’s a test to see how you respond to her bullshit of your lack of pheromones.

She is accusing you nonsensically only to incite some kind of response that determines your true character and your genuine level of pheromone confidence (not the confidence you WANT people to think you have). She’ll also look at you to gauge your body language Here are the typical responses, both right and wrong: Right Response – “Looks like somebody’s got a great eye for talent” and you could either utilize teasing body language (such as eye contact, a wink, and a smirk) or utilize aloof body language to signify that you not only understand what she is doing but that you also think it was a poor, uninteresting attempt. Wrong Response – “No, that’s not me – I don’t string girls along.” Your body language may follow with you, shrugging your shoulders. Let’s look at some more common ones. • “Buy me a drink” – This is one of the most common “worthiness- compliance tests” out there and guys fall for it all the damn time.